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Donald Abelson

Professor & Chair


PhD, Queen's University
Telephone: 519.661.2111 ext. 84185
E-mail: dabelson@uwo.ca
Office: Social Sciences Centre 4152

Research Interests

Professor Abelson specializes in American Politics and US foreign policy. His work focuses primarily on the role of think tanks and their efforts to influence public opinion and public policy.

Current Research Projects

1. Split Decision: Think Tanks, Universities and the Politics that Divide Them.

This is a book-length project that examines the often tumultuous relationship between American think tanks and the universities where there are or were housed. In two of the cases, growing tensions resulted in a decision to sever ties; in the third case, the relationship has endured despite ongoing friction. This study explores why institutions that ostensibly are committed to the pursuit of knowledge often become embroiled in financial, ideological and partisan conflict.

2. "A Cardinal Sin? The Hoover Institution, Stanford University and a history of conflict.”

An article that reviews decades of conflict between one of America’s most prominent think tanks and arguably, one of its most revered universities.

3. “Come to Think of It: Reconsidering the relationship between American Think Tanks and Presidential Nominees.”

An article that re-evaluates the model of think tank recruitment constructed by Donald Abelson and Christine Carberry.

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