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Current Timetable

Graduate Timetable 2017-2018 

Students will be asked to complete the electronic registration for first term in early August.  This will be considered a preliminary registration.  Final registration for first term courses must be completed at the end of the second week of classes in September.  The electronic registration for second term courses will open in December.  Final registration for second term courses must be completed at the end of the second week of classes in January.  Changes will not be permitted beyond the second week of classes in either term.  Please direct any questions to the Graduate Program Advisor.

Course outlines are posted as they become available.

Core Courses

Outlines Title Instructor Location and Time
9501A Scope & Methods in Political Science L. Stephenson SSC 4255
TH 9:30-11:30
9503A Political Theory R. Vernon SSC 4105
M 10:30-12:30
9504B Critical Political Theory N. Biswas Mellamphy SSC 4105
M 11:30-1:30
9505B Political Theory - Justice Between Generations R. Vernon SSC 4105
M 9:30-11:30
9511B International Relations A. Harmes SSC 4103
T 12:30-2:30
9512A International Diplomacy R. Dimitrov SSC 4255
T 12:30-2:30
9523A Local Government / Urban Politics Z. Taylor SSC 4103
W 4:00-6:00
9531A Canadian Politics C. Alcantara SSC 4103
W 10:30-12:30
9532B Democratic Engagement (Comp, Cdn) C. Anderson SSC 4103
W 9:30-11:30
9533B Identity Politics (Cdn, Comp) C. Dick SSC 4103
T 9:30-11:30
9566A Comparative Politics B. Morrison SSC 4103
TH 1:30-3:30
9567B Comparative Global South A. Perez SSC 4103
TH 1:30-3:30
9591B Quantitative Methods in Political Science D. Armstrong SSC 4105
TH 9:30-12:30

Special Topics

Outlines Title Instructor Location and Time
9714B(4211G) Multilevel Governance
C. Alcantara SSC 4103
M 1:30-3:30
9715A(4419F) Methodology D. Armstrong SSC 4103
TH 11:30-1:30
9723B(4426G) Genocide (IR) J. Quinn SSC 4255
TH 1:30-3:30
9754B(4401G) American Foreign Policy
(Comp, IR)
D. Abelson SSC 4112
T 9:30-11:30
9762B(4206G) Theories of Global Justice
(Theory, Comp, IR)
R. Vernon SSC 4112
TH 11:30-1:30
9767A(4209F) Political Strategy and Communication
(Cdn, Comp, IR)
A. Harmes SSC 4105
TH 3:30-5:30

A = Fall Term (September - December)
B = Winter Term (January - April)

First term graduate courses are not prerequisites for second term graduate courses.

Accessibility at Western
Please contact polisci-web@uwo.ca if you require any information in plain text format, or if any other accommodation can make the course material and/or physical space accessible to you.

Scholastic Offences
Scholastic offences are taken seriously and students are directed to read the appropriate policy, specifically, the definition of what constitutes a Scholastic Offence, at the following Web site: http://www.uwo.ca/univsec/appeals_discipline/index.html

Students are expected to download and bring a copy of the course outline to the first class.

Support Services
Students who are in emotional/mental distress should refer to Mental Health@Western for a complete list of options on how to obtain help.