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Erika Simpson

Associate Professor


Ph.D., University of Toronto
Telephone: 519.661.2111 ext. 85156
E-mail: simpson@uwo.ca
Office: Social Sciences Centre 4157

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Professor Simpson specializes in international relations and international security, with an emphasis on nuclear proliferation, the control of weapons of mass destruction, NATO, Canadian defence and foreign policy, and terrorism. Her research interests include the following topics:

Current Research Projects

1. Book, NATO and the NPT:

Professor Simpson was the principal investigator for this Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council (SSHRCC)-funded program of research. This book, NATO and the NPT, will analyse the contradictions between the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty’s goal of achieving nuclear disarmament and NATO’s emphasis on retaining its nuclear deterrence doctrine. This book will be a product of many already-conducted interviews with diplomats concerned with NATO and the NPT’s contrasting nuclear diplomacy during the 2005-2015 NPT Preparatory and Review Conferences.

2. Book, NATO at 70: 1949-2019

This book will provide Professor Simpson's analysis of defense decision-making over the last seventy years. It analyses defense policy from different levels of analysis beginning with NATO’s inception in 1949 and ending with its 70th birthday in 2019. It includes many documents that were accessed using Canada’s thirty- and twenty-year rules, and its final twenty years are based on many already-conducted interviews of Canadian and NATO decision-makers.

3. Book, Canada in an Insecure World 

This book will explain many Canadian defence and foreign policy decisions between 1945-2017 including how Canada takes a liberal internationalist perspective in global negotiations concerning North American security policy. It asks whether realist, liberal internationalist or critical perspectives are useful in terms of understanding past decisions and crises – and it suggests a variety of different policy options relevant to academics, diplomats and global citizens.

4. Papers - Unpublished Journal Articles

Erika Simpson’s working papers are available at Scholarship@Western site: http://ir.lib.uwo.ca/

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