Past Award Winners

This page is dedicated to awards strictly maintained by the Political Science Department. To see the 2013 Social Science Award Winners, click here. Past Dean's Honors List winners, please see the Social Science Academic Counselling website.

Past Martin W. Westmacott Award Winners

The Martin W. Wesmacott Award which is awarded to the fourth year student (Honors Specialization in Political Science) who has shown the greatest academic improvement since second year.

Year Student Year Student
2018 Sigma Samantha Khan 2019 Patrick Carl
2017 Marshall Dupuy 2003 Gina-Claire Van den Burg
2016 Sophie Merritt 2002 Vaso Daniel Jankovic
2015 Hilary Bates 2001 Anthony Turudic
2014 Thomas Cooper 2000 Tania Joy Keefe
2013 Syed Abid Ahmed 1999 Andrew Lee Bowles
2012 Annuj Tanna 1998 J.R. Trottier Rawson
2011 Arthur So 1997 Jared D. Calwill
2010 Jonathan Charland 1996 Peter Houston Royster
2009 David Beitelman 1995 Caryna Rachel Evans
2008 Mark Mitchell 1994 Kevin Scott Simpson
2007 Kenneth A. McNair 1993 Gary Anthony Bennett
2006 Megan A. Morrissey 1992 Jeffrey Board
2005 Sonia Beth Cappe 1991 Michael Andrew Jolliffe
2004 Rachel Gencarelli 1990 Wendy Michele Moore